To install the software
1. 	Download the software installer with the following link:
• 	https://support.creaform3d.com/public/download-software.aspx?q=z0JDZ2uJfIQZysUoNNzZV27p8UhL5UApr6lrdQBC
2. 	During the installation, you will be asked to enter a CD‑Key.
• 	For VXmodel, enter: UQQKM-1DKL0-280PP-3YDB4-4DQQX
• 	For VXinspect, enter: ADY01-ZTZOI-3SW4U-CULDM-EHF0T
• 	If you want to use both software, please use the button Add to enter both CD‑Keys.
• 	If you already own other Creaform products, make sure to add their associated CD𔁙Keys along with the one(s) above.
To activate your trial
	Once the installation is completed, VXelements - Product Manager is automatically launched.
	Microsoft Office Excel is required to export reports in VXinspect.
1. 	Click on Activate trial license. Your computer must be connected to Internet.
2. 	Enter the following code:
• 	z0JDZ2uJfIQZysUoNNzZV27p8UhL5UApr6lrdQBC
	The best way to make the most out of your software trials.
	Available upon installation under:
C:\Program Files\Creaform\VXelements\Demo.